picture of daf Nejad is a Persian-born master multi-instrumentalist. We are very fortunate that he lives here in the San Francisco Bay area.

Nejad plays a large number of instruments, and both Western and Persian music. Some of the instruments he plays are: ney, zurna, Western flute, santur, kanun, oud, setar, dotar, tar, kemanche, violin, daf, dumbek, zarb, accordion and keyboards. He effectively uses Persian instruments to add a Persian influence to such musical styles as classical, jazz, blues, new age, and flamenco. He also performs traditional Persian classical music.

He has performed throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, including the University of California, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Ethnic Dance Festival and the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, and the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts. He is the musical director for Anthony Shay's Avaz International Dance Theatre, based in Los Angeles. He teaches privately and through workshops. He wants to introduce Americans to the beauty of Persian music.

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